Liquored Up Language: Hilarious Old-Time Slang About Drinking

We all have our funny ways of referring to drinking, whether you “drink like a fish” or are a “teetotaler” who doesn’t at all. If you think the sayings of modern day are funny, just wait till you hear how people in olde ye times referred to our favorite pastime.

  1. Jingled

    Definition : mildly drunk
    Used in a sentence: “I had a few drinks and got a little jingled last night”

  2. Pot-valiant

    Definition: To be bold or courageous only because of being drunk.
    Used in a sentence: “He doesn’t usually introduce himself to girls but he’s feeling quite pot-valiant tonight”

  3. Crapulous

    Definition: To be sick from drinking too much
    Used in a sentence: “If you’re feeling crapulous after a night of drinking, try a Bloody Mary!”

  4. Katzenjammer

    Definition: The headache and nausea that result from a hangover.
    Used in a sentence: “He woke up with such a katzenjammer that he spent the rest of the day sleeping.”

  5. Bug Juice

    Definition: Liquor that is inferior in brand, taste, and quality.
    Used in a sentence: “All they served at the party was bug juice and it made me sick.”

  6. Applejack gait

    Definition: Someone who can drink a lot
    Used in a sentence: “He had quite the applejack gait last night and spent the whole night dancing.”

  7. Antifogmatic

    Definition: a drink of liquor taken to counteract the effect of fog or dampness
    Used in a sentence: “I’m going to need a strong antifogmatic to calm my nerves during this storm.”

  8. Zozzled

    Definition: Very drunk
    Used in a sentence: “I was so zozzled last night I left my phone at the bar.”

  9. Trousered

    Definition: When someone has had so much to drink that they are spilling on their trousers.
    Used in a sentence: “He was so trousered that he permanently stained his clothes with red wine.”

  10. Nippitaty

    Definition: A particularly strong and good liquor
    Used in a sentence: “They only serve the finest nippitaty at the Half Wall, so you know you’re always getting the best.”

Whether you’re just getting “jingled” or are out on the town for a “zozzled” night, the Half Wall Beer House is the perfect place to share your new vocabulary and indulge in one of our 76 beers on tap and over 100 bottles.