Do It Yourself! How to Create a Beer & Cheese Tasting Plate

Everyone loves a great beer and cheese selection for parties or beach days here in Daytona and New Smyrna Beach. Here are some tips for creating a beer and cheese tasting:

1. Choose a large plate or cutting board. Presentation helps mouths water, so having your cheese and other food items displayed nicely adds kudos to your party. If you want to get really fancy, you can create little labels to display.

2. Choose two cheeses. Taste planners recommend one aged cheese and one hardened cheese.

3. Choose extra food items. Adding meets such as salami or pepperoni, crackers with jelly, fruit, Kalamata olives and/or nuts is a great way to complement the taste of craft beer.

4. Choose your beer. If you’re planning on having several types of craft beer, go from lightest to darkest in order of tasting.

At Half Wall in New Smyrna Beach and DeLand, Florida, we have over 75 craft beers available. Come on in and try some of our craft beers so you can plan your private beer and cheese tasting!