Best Type of Beer to Cook With

For beer lovers, nothing beats a cold one in a giant, frosty mug. But, if you confine your brews to a pint, you’ll miss out on a world of tasty recipes that use beer.

You’ve probably heard of cooking with wine, but nowadays more people have been switching out the cabernet or sauvignon for beer. And with good reason. Beer can add incredible flavor to your dishes. It can add a richness to savoury dishes or a nutty sweetness to desserts – as long as you know what type of beer to choose.

There are a wide range of beer styles to choose from and some pair better with certain foods than others. That’s why we’re here to walk you through the best type of beers to cook with, depending on the beer flavor and the type of food you want to prepare.


Choosing from Different Brews

You may have come across recipes that call specifically for beer. And, they probably say just that: beer. Not specifying what type of beer to use, you’re left with grabbing whatever you have on hand. The trick, however, is to incorporate a beer that really complements the flavors of the dish. Below you can take a look at some common types of beer and the different dishes they work with.


Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are pale and cloudy with fruity and crisp flavors. They work well with lighter foods such as salads, fish and chicken. Wheat beers with spicier flavors complement grilled red meats.


For breads or beer-battered fried foods, you should go with a full-flavored lager or pilsner. This will create an airy and crisp batter, give foods a rich beer flavor, and will create a deep golden color when the food is fried.


Back in the 1700s bartenders used to mix ales and stouts to create porters – a beer not as bitter as a pale ale and much less toasty than a stout. Porters are perfect for replacing wine or stock thereby picking up the flavors in a beef stew or roast.


Beer in a chocolate cake? Might sound a little strange. But, because of their distinct coffee and chocolate notes, stouts are perfect for blending into rich desserts. It will really take your cakes, puddings and other desserts to a whole new level.


Next time you decide to make delicious beer-infused foods, you can cook with confidence knowing you’ve made the best choice in brew. Or, if you’re not so great in the kitchen, come on in to The Half Wall where we’ll do the cooking and you can do the eating.

We have tons of great items on our menus that are prepared using beer. So, come on in  enjoy some beer cheese soup or beer battered onion rings…all while sipping on your favorite brew!