20 Creative Craft Beer Names

There is plenty to love about craft beers. From the work that goes into their taste and aroma, to the unbelievable creativity that goes into the names of the beers themselves. Some feature puns while other reference pop-culture, and some even include some peculiar innuendos.


We present to you 20 of the most creative, clever and funny craft beer names for you to enjoy.


  1. Smooth Hoperator (Stoudts Brewing Company)

Because who doesn’t love a classic play on hops?


  1. For Richer or Porter (Tibbs Brewing Co.)

I propose a toast to this deliciously clever, richly flavored porter.


  1. Blithering Idiot (Weyerbacher Brewing Co.)

At 11.1% ABV, this ale has a name that foreshadows what you’ll turn into if you drink too many.


  1. Polygamy Porter (Wasatch Brewery)

This Utah-brewed porter probably has the best tagline in the business: “Why just have one?”


  1. Imperial Stout Trooper (New England Brewing Co.)

Join the dark side when you sip on this black, chocolatey stout.


  1. Arrogant Bastard Ale (Stone Brewing Co.)

An ale that thinks it’s better than all the others.


  1. He’Brew (Schmaltz Brewing Co.)

“The chosen beer.”


  1. Peter Piper Peppered Pale (Rockford Brewing Co.)

Brewed with Serrano, Jalapeno, Banana and Hungarian Wax, you really have to say it fast and drink it slow.


  1. Hoppy Ending Pale Ale (Palo Alto Brewing Company)

A great way to end the night, that’s for sure.


  1. I’ll Have What the Gentleman on The Floor Is Having (McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery)

Even though this barley wine is no longer on the menu at McGuire’s, you really can’t help but chuckle at that name.


  1. Hoptimus Prime (Ruckus Brewing Company)

“Autobots, roll out…to grab a beer.” I’m pretty sure that’s actually what Optimus Prime said.


  1. Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ (Lagunitas Brewing Co.)

Just a little sumpin’ to wet your whistle.


  1. Moose Drool (Big Sky Brewing Co.)

Mmm…nothing like throwing back a cold pint of Moose Drool.


  1. Pathological Lager (Dock Street Brewing Co.)

Funny enough, Pathological Lager isn’t a lager at all, it’s actually an ale. Pretty clever, right?


  • My Wife’s Bitter (Burleigh Brewing Co.)

Probably because you’re always out drinking beers at the bar.


  1. Brew Free or Die IPA (21st Amendment Brewery)

Because… ‘Merica.


  1. Palate Wrecker (Green Flash Brewing)

Prepare to have your palate wrecked from this Imperial IPA’s onslaught of hops and bitterness.


  1. Sexual Chocolate (Foothills Brewing)

This silky cocoa infused Imperial Stout is unique, coveted and super sensual.


  1. Haulin’ Oats Stout (O’Connor Brewing Co.)

This oatmeal stout, an ode to the musical duo Hall & Oates, is rich, creamy and will make your dreams come true.


  1. Parking Violation (Russian River Brewing Co.)

No one likes getting a parking violation, but everyone loves this classic American style Pale Ale.


So, as you can see, there really is no limit to the weirdness that can go into the name of a beer. And even more importantly, there’s no limit to the fun you can have when you come out to one of The Half Wall locations to enjoy selections of craft beer that we have available.